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Each performance is approximately 45 minutes in length and composed from the letters, journals, and published works. The performance is followed by a question and answer session of about 15 minutes but can last as long as scheduling permits. 

Historical Women of Letters performances are the perfect programming for

  • Libraries

  • Museums 

  • Historical societies

  • Book clubs

  • Colleges and universities

  • Adult education programs

  • High schools

  • Literary or writer’s conventions 

  • Educators in-service and social events

  • Retirement communities and senior centers

  • Luncheons, high teas, and garden parties 

  • Girl’s and Boy’s Clubs

  • Men’s and Women’s Clubs

  • Private parties 

  • Any social event

465px-CassandraAusten-JaneAusten(c.1810)_hires (1).jpg

A Visit with Jane Austen


Mrs. Lincoln's Salon


Nobel Discontent


The Story of the Sonnets

beatrix in Doorway copy.jpg

A Tale of Beatrix Potter


A Body of Evidence


The Intricate Riddle of Life

Nellie Bly Passport 1914_edited_edited.jpg

Around the World in 72 Days

101 Lectures 

Want to learn more about one of the Historical Woman of Letters?  

Book a 101 level lecture.

These 30-minute lectures give the Who, What, Why, and When of these women’s lives accompanied by a visual presentation of maps, portraits, photographs, and timelines, and are designed to give basic information and a strong foundation for further reading and research. 

Don’t see the Historical Woman you're looking for?

Have a local Historical Woman you would like to have brought to life?  

Contact me to discuss your timeline and the primary sources available.

Thanks for submitting!
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