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Press for Debra Miller

Beatrix Potter Visits Library

The Prairie Press

March 28, 2020

"On March 10, in the downstairs meeting room of the Paris Public Library, 35 people saw a remarkable ex-
hibition by Debra Ann Miller regarding the adventures of Beatrix Potter, the creator of the Peter Rabbit stories.


Miller’s personification truly represented the writer and artist and she used a bit of archaic English language to enhance her performance. The program

introduced the audience to a bit of Potter’s pictures and stories and then went on to tell about Potter’s life, including a surprising tale of a grandfather eating
snails as he strolled the gardens."

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Actress Brings Agatha Christie to Life During Virtual Galena LitFest

Dubuque Telegraph Herald

January 25, 2021

Sunday, Miller performed in character. Her Christie shared life and career details in a monologue that ended in 1950, the year the author began her autobiography, which was posthumously published in 1977.

“Once I hit upon an acceptable idea, I found myself going along at a great rate,” Miller’s Christie says of her early writing.

Colourful Pile of Old Books

Actress  Brings Years of Jane Austen Research into Stage Performance


January 20, 2021

Through her business, Historical Women of Letters, Miller researches and writes shows in which she portrays famous women, with the scripts based off the historical figure’s own letters and journals. In addition to Austen, she also portrays Mary Todd Lincoln, Louisa May Alcott, Dolley Madison, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Beatrix Potter and Agatha Christie.

“Doing Jane, of course, is my favorite,” the Chicago resident said. “She’s an amazing woman …”

Colourful Pile of Old Books
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Jane Austen's Worldwide Fan Club

BBC News

July 16, 2017

In Chicago, Debra Miller performs her own one-woman show based on the books and letters of Austen.

She still remembers 10 September 2009 - the day she first read Austen's biography and instantly "fell in love". Within a year she had read all her novels and written the stage show she has been performing ever since.
"Her work is so well written - every time I read it I find something new - her concise use of language and its elegance is so beautiful," she said.    

Author Jane Austen Portrayed
at Hampshire library


November 9, 2015

Actress Debra Ann Miller wore an 18th century-style bonnet and gown this month as she performed a one-woman play about English author Jane Austen at Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library, 109 South State Street in Hampshire.

Used Books
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Assortment of Books

Louisa May Alcott Brought to Life at Hampshire library

Louisa May Alcott, the author of "Little Women," was portrayed by actress Debra Ann Miller recently at Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library, 109 South State Street in Hampshire.

"The story of her life is even more exciting than her books," said Miller. "She learned that love, health and work help one to endure all things."

What people are saying...


"Debra, you are brilliant. This was absolutely amazing! Thank you for this wonderful performance which I know must have required an immense amount of research. I loved it and learned so much!”

Syie James, critically acclaimed novelist and author of
The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen
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