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Mary Todd Licoln performance at the Princeville Historical Society by Debra Ann Miller.

Mrs. Lincoln's Salon 

Mrs. Lincoln's Salon takes place in her Blue Room on April 4th, 1865.  Mr. Lincoln and their youngest son Tad are at City Point, Robert, their eldest, is with General Grant in pursuit of Robert E Lee and Mary is alone in the Executive Mansion.  The audience is invited to reminisce with Mrs. Lincoln about her childhood, her days in Springfield and her children as she celebrates Tad's 12th birthday, and the end of the Civil War.


Drawing from her own letters to friends, family and political figures of the era, Mrs. Lincoln's Salon paints a picture of Mary Lincoln that is both sympathetic and truthful.
Mrs. Lincoln's Salon is a 45 minute presentation with a question and answer period afterward, that can last up to an additional 30 minutes. Mrs. Lincoln's Salon is suitable for Schools, Libraries, Museums and Teas.

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